Volunteers at l'Eau Vive Provence

All year round, young (or not so young!) people give their time voluntarily to l’Eau Vive; from a few weeks to several months.
Most of them come in summer when l’Eau Vive is at its busiest. But we still need people outside of the summer season.

Living in community is an enriching experience !

Volunteering at l’Eau Vive taught me a lot both in the language and spiritually. What’s more every day you eat as if you were in a restaurant, the pool is fabulous, strong friendships were made and on our days off we got to explore beautiful Provence. Once you’ve seen the sun setting from the top of Ventabren you never want to leave!

Julie Armstrong (4 x 1 month)

Volunteering – who, when and why?

Those who want to respond to a call to serve. The volunteers come not only from France but from many other countries too. Many use the opportunity to perfect their French.

Most come during the summer (June-August), numbers are restricted for the rest of the year.

To serve God, to live in a community, to meet different people from different places and cultures, to make friends.

“I look back on my time as a volunteer at l’Eau Vive as one of the best experiences of my life. It was spiritually enriching, fulfilling and I made friends for life. I would recommend it to anyone!”

Helen Ewins (6 months)

What does the work consist of ?

All areas of work are concerned: washing up, cooking, laundry, housework, maintenance, pool work, gardening etc…
but there is also supervising children during meetings.

Pourquoi passer mes vacances d’été à l’Eau Vive?

Every day or week, the team meet together for a time of prayer, worship and meditation.
Outside hours of work, everyone can enjoy their free time.
Aix-en-Provence is 15km from l’Eau Vive.
Those who stay long term are able to join student groups and go to Bible studies etc.
Outside of work and during the weekend, the team takes part in activities at different churches in Aix-en-Provence.

“The people here are kind, friendly and always happy. Henri spoils us with his marvellous cooking. He’s always singing enthusiastically in the kitchen but watch out if you go for a run with him … you need to be fit. For me it has been enriching to know the team and I’m sure I’ll come back. May God bless this welcoming centre.”

Mihaela Neacsu (2 months and 1 month)


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